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Oil Adsorbing Filter Cartridge

Oil adsorption filter cartridges have been specifically developed and manufactured for the high efficiency removal of dissolved & dispersed oils from water within the gas & oil production industries, marine bilge and ballast water treatment systems, contaminated surface water run off & other industrial process industries. The material of Filter media of this cartridge contains modified cellulose. This filter media will remove upto 95% of total hydrocarbon elements from water in just a single pass. Dissolved oil, emulsions & dispersed droplets are also adsorbed and retained from water by filter media.

  • Instantaneous adsorption.
  • Better than activated carbon.
  • High flow rates.
  • Removes dissolved and dispersed oils.
  • High efficiency removal of oils.
  • Low-pressure drop.
  • Media can hold 300 % of its own weight.
  • No release of removed hydrocarbon.
  • Typically, over 90% of total hydrocarbons are removed in a single pass through the cartridge with no release once adsorbed.
  • Lower outlet levels of hydrocarbons can be achieved by connecting cartridges in series.
  • Higher flow rates also can be achieved by connecting cartridges in a parallel design.

Oil adsorbing filter cartridges are made by rolling the sheet material onto a central core support. The core & outer surface of filter media rolls are covered with retaining mesh. The complete module is then encapsulated in to end caps suitable for fitting into a variety of housing configurations.

Standard Sizes10”, 20”, 30”, 40” Long
Micron Rating5, 10, 20 Micron
Standard Outside Diameter70 mm, 110 mm
Inner Diameter28 mm

Double Open Type (DOE Type)

Gas and Oil facilities
Leisure/Commercial Shipping Bilge Water
Surface Water Run off (Truck Stops, Airports)
Auto Service Stationsgate
Machine Shops
Industrial Processes
Factories and Repair Shops
Car and Truck Washes


FCICAOCXDiameter of cartridgeMicron RatingLength Of Cartridge
Oil Adsorbing68 MM001 Micron10″ Length
110 MM005 Micron20″ Length
010 Micron30″ Length
025 Micron 40″ Length


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