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Water Absorbent Bags

Water absorbent bags are specifically designed for the removal of water from various applications. They can be used to remove water and moisture content from hydrocarbons also up to a certain extent. We have experienced that water-absorbent bags are quite useful to remove a small amount of water droplets and moisture from the finished level of hydrocarbons. They have been made with selective fiber media to capture water droplets and like normally felt bags they are fused for high strength and better durability. Polypropylene collars are installed on top as standard design.

  • Superior water absorbing capability : Absorb and retain water upto 50 times of its own dry weight.
  • Dual purpose : Not only removes water from oil, but also retains  contaminants of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 microns.
  • FDA compliant non-woven felt. 100% free of silicon contamination.
  • Single & multiple layer depth media composites.
  • 1 ~ 200 micron range, nominal rating.
  • Patented SDS & STS pressure seal rings, steel snap-fit rings.
  • Wide chemical compatibilities.
  • Fiber migration & extractable free media treatment.
  • Large contaminant retention capacities, extended service lives.
  • Change-out differential pressure 0.10 MPa, Max. 0.16 MPa.
  • FCISEM- Water Absorbent Matrix Bags.

FCI SEM Matrix Series uses a new type of specially formulated and highly effective water absorbent. In its pure form, such absorbent is capable of absorbing water from oil up to 100 times of it own dry weight. However in its pure form, such water absorbent tends to be unstable. Once exposed, it quickly absorbs moisture from open air. To stabilize the water absorbent for commercial applications, we mix certain percentage of Polyester fiber into the water absorbent to formulate our unique FCI SEM Matrix media, which is capable of absorbing and retaining water content up to 50 times of its own dry weight. In addition to a standard line of FCI SEM Matrix bags, we will launch FCI SEM Designer filters simultaneously. Customers are encouraged to contact us with application specifications. As usual, we will custom make Designer FCI SEM filters that are tailored to meet each individual customers’ application requirements.

Auto coating & paint  Water purification & processing
Pharmaceutical Food & beverage
Bulk & fine chemicals  Electronics
Filter Area


Housing Used
Size 1 Water Absorbent Non -Woven Welded/Stitched 420 180 0.25 8.0 FCISBF-M-717S1/S2/S3
Size 2 Water Absorbent Non -Woven Welded/Stitched 820 180 0.50 17.5 FCISBF-M-732S1/S2/S3
Size 3 Water Absorbent Non -Woven Welded/Stitched 230 100 0.09 1.5 FCISBF-M-410S1/S2/S3
Size 4 Water Absorbent Non -Woven Welded/Stitched 380 100 0.15 2.5 FCISBF-M-417S1/S2/S3
Size 5 Water Absorbent Non -Woven Welded/Stitched 510 150 0.25 8.0 FCISBF-M-620S1/S2/S3
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