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Flow Rate

Posted on : 24 Jan, 2017   |   Category : industrial
© - Copyrights By Ms.Meghana Upadhyay - General Manager - Filter Concept Private Limited In fluid dynamics, volumetric flow rate is the volume of fluid which passes through per unit time. Usually it is represented as symbol “Q” Volumetric flow rate can also define as Q = v.A Where v…
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Posted on : 10 Dec, 2016   |   Category : industrial
“FILTER CONCEPT”, a leading manufacturer and exporter of industrial Filters, is now offering Coalescing Filters. To understand the importance of these filters, we must understand about coalescence. Coalescing is a process of separation, used by the Process Industry for liquid – liquid separation and liquid – gas separation. This process…
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Important Parameters to be considered while designing an adequate filtration system

Posted on : 28 Nov, 2016   |   Category : industrial
Filter concept designed to provide solutions to every industry for filtration. We are the designer of filtration system as per industries requirements. We have our own internal expert designer team which caters various types of designing and solutions as per patron’s requirement. Important Parameters to be considered while designing an…
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Types of separation techniques

Posted on : 28 Oct, 2016   |   Category : industrial
Different types of separation processes are: Crystallization Filtration Decantation Sublimation Evaporation Simple distillation Fractional distillation Chromatography Centrifugation Separating funnel Magnetic separation Precipitation Solid-Liquid Separation is major unit operations which exists in almost every flow scheme which relates to the chemical process industries, are beneficiation, for various industries like pharmaceutics, food…
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Types of Filtration

Posted on : 11 Oct, 2016   |   Category : industrial
FILTRATION is a process of removal of suspended particles from the fluid. This removal may be of – Suspended Solid particles from Liquid fluid or Gas / Air This separation has been performed with the help of a medium which is called Filter. Filters are useful to remove the impurities…
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