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Celebrating 10 Years of Team work with Ms Meghna Upadhyay, GM of Filter Concept Private Limited

Posted on : 09 Aug, 2018   |   Category : Team FCPL
It has been a ten-year long journey for Ms. Meghan Upadhyay with Filter Concept. Ms. Meghna started as a Proposal Executive, only with a passion to work hard for something. Filter Concept recognized her zeal and we have been through thick & thin and the success that we have built…
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All You Wanted To Know About Woven Wire and Screens

Posted on : 04 Jul, 2018   |   Category : industrial
When it comes to micro filtration, woven wire and screens is one of the material that is used for filtration. It doesn’t matter whether the pores are the size of a fist of a human being or microscopic, the job of a filter mechanism is to provide with strong, flexible…
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Air Purifiers from Air Concept – A Promise to Deliver Sustainable Lifestyle

Posted on : 18 Jun, 2018   |   Category : industrial
With the number of industries growing day on and in, it is becoming a matter of great concern on how to lessen the damages made by the industrial pollutants on human health and living things. We at Filter Concept Private Limited after providing successful filtration solutions to the various air,…
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The Complete Guide to Paper and Fabrics Media

Posted on : 11 Jun, 2018   |   Category : industrial
Introduction: Paper and other fabrics media are the materials that are primarily used for the purpose of filtration, and come in various types. First of these types is the materials that are comprised of fibres of variant sizes and some of them are spun into yarn or individually assembled with…
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Filter Media Types – Absorbent, Adsorbent and Biological

Posted on : 14 May, 2018   |   Category : industrial
Introduction: A filter medium is any object that, when operating, allows certain components to permeate and disallows some components to permeate. The materials that are impermeable could be solids, liquids, or even molecular or ionic. Generally, the permeable component is a flowing liquid, but it is not limited to that…
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