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Uses of Bag, Pocket and Candle Filters

Posted on : 24 Oct, 2018   |   Category : industrial Filters
Every dry filtering process, which relies on pads and panels as a means to capture dust, has a flat filter surface or a pleated medium panel. These capture the dust on the surface. However, this section covers those filter types that capture the dust inside or on the exterior surface…
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Types and Uses of Cartridge Filters

Posted on : 12 Oct, 2018   |   Category : industrial Filters
Introduction: Cartridge filters are difficult to classify based on a definition. However, there are some distinct qualities of this filter, which include a cylindrical housing that is usually succumbed to pressure of the fluid being filtered. Within this is housed a replaceable filter element, commonly called the cartridge. They are…
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Back-Flushing And Self-Cleaning Filters Explained

Posted on : 12 Oct, 2018   |   Category : industrial Filters
Back-flushing Filters: Considering the purpose of a filter, most of them, require periodic cleaning to extract the accumulated contaminants. The way in which the cleaning takes place, is either by withdrawing them from their housing or by cleaning through a process that keeps them in their constant place. The latter…
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Pad and Panel Filters

Posted on : 21 Sep, 2018   |   Category : industrial Filters
Introduction: This is by far the simplest form of a filter, which is primarily used for the removal of dust from the air in ventilators. These filters are made up of thick sheets of filter medium or comprise a combination of thinner materials that are folded together to encompass the…
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The Benefits of Screens in Filtration Technology

Posted on : 17 Sep, 2018   |   Category : industrial
Introduction: A screen is a technology, within filters, that is embedded to serve two primary purposes – as a form of large strainer used in water intakes and wastewater treatment, and also as a means to separate solid particles of varying sizes that are mixed together. These mixtures could be…
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