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The Advent Of Liquid Filtration In The Chemical Industry!

Posted on : 02 Jul, 2020   |   Category : industrial Filters
Chemical Filtration is the process of deep filtration that removes particulates, haze, salts, free water, and precipitates. The filtration equipment for such a process is comparatively low maintenance. This equipment is self-cleaning and they are widely used for filtering liquid chemicals. The chemical products like calcium carbonate and titanium dioxide…
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Industrial Filters Have Come A Long Way In Aiding The Pharmaceutical Industry!

Posted on : 18 Mar, 2020   |   Category : industrial
Many industries depend on the quality of raw material and water. The quality of industrial water plays a major role in the quality of the final product. This becomes more critical in the case of the pharma industry. The end products of the pharma industry are medicinal drugs. The quality…
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Use the Best Quality Industrial Water Filters From Filter Concept !

Posted on : 22 Feb, 2020   |   Category : industrial Filters
Industrial Filtration has been a very crucial and critical part of industrial processes and cycles. The process of water purification is therefore required in any industry as water is a raw material that is indispensable to any industry. In all types of small and big industries, water has to be…
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Trust Filter Concept for superior quality of new generation high flow cartridge filter solutions!

Posted on : 23 Dec, 2019   |   Category : industrial Filters
Industrial filters are significant and crucial equipment widely employed in the manufacturing industry for the purification of raw materials, assistance in process isolation as well as decreasing process downtime. Filter Concept designed cartridge filters specifically for industrial manufacturers Cartridge filters are fundamental industrial equipment employed in multiple industries. They are…
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Industrial level cartridge filter- design, quality and its description!

Posted on : 21 Aug, 2019   |   Category : industrial Filters
Cartridge filters refer to a simple piece of tubular filtration equipment which is designed for various industries for filtration requirements. The cartridge filters are most commonly used for filtration of water from all particles, chemicals, and other impurities. The cartridge filters are used to purify liquids, solvents, and water; it…
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