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This World Environment Day let’s make a difference

Posted on : 05 Jun, 2023   |   Category : industrial
Today marks the annual celebration of World Environment Day, a day to celebrate the environment and raise awareness about the sustainability of its resources. On this day, it is important to consider the problems that exist and the ways in which we can work together to both protect and nurture…
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Importance of Diesel Fuel Filters

Posted on : 13 May, 2023   |   Category : industrial
Maintaining High-Performance Levels Today's diesel engines are designed to operate at highperformance levels, complying with strict emissions regulations and accommodating modern biodiesel blends. To achieve this, high-pressure common rail fuel injectors function at pressures up to 2,000 - 3,100 bar / 30,000 - 45,000 psi. Diesel fuel filters are essential…
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Basic Principle of Surface Filtration

Posted on : 12 May, 2023   |   Category : industrial
Surface filtration is a widely used purification method that primarily focuses on the removal of particles from fluids by trapping them on the surface of a filter media. The primary advantage of surface filtration is its ability to achieve higher throughputs and lower pressure drops compared to other filtration methods.…
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Posted on : 20 Apr, 2023   |   Category : industrial
Introduction Fertilizers play a crucial role in modern agriculture, helping to boost crop yields, improve soil health, and ensure food security. Among the different types of inorganic fertilizers available, ammonium sulphate fertilizers have emerged as a popular choice for farmers worldwide. In this video, we’ll explore the journey of ammonium…
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Fermentation process for API & filtration

Posted on : 18 Apr, 2023   |   Category : industrial
Introduction With the goal of educating people about the pharmaceutical industry, we have launched an interactive video series that explores the major segments of the industry. As we discussed in a previous video, the production process for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) involves different steps. Today, we will focus on fermentation,…
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