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The simple concept behind design of a filtration system

Posted on : 07 Sep, 2021   |   Category : industrial
Design of a filtration system mostly is the last priority for any process designer or turnkey solutions provider. Most of the time and effort is spent in design and engineering a process that helps in increasing product yield, maximizing utilization, minimizing wastages & optimizing process economics. Needless to mentions design…
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Posted on : 18 Aug, 2021   |   Category : industrial
As industrial users, all of us have certain expectations of paints. Paints must adhere to the substrate we are painting. The paint should have’ good consistency and should provide a smooth covering without craters or other surface irregularities. Colour must be the same in each drum we use. Paint Manufacturing…
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Use of Filtration System in Wine making

Posted on : 06 Aug, 2021   |   Category : industrial
It's said winemaking is an art rather than a Science. Ask any winemaker how to enhance the taste and retain the flavor. The answers would be very different from each other. In general, the filters are used in winemaking to make it look sparkling (white wine mainly) and taste more…
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Why more experts are recommending use of Self Cleaning filters as Side stream filters in Cooling Towers

Posted on : 02 Aug, 2021   |   Category : industrial
In most process industries cooling towers are used for process cooling, mainly by water. Cooling towers represent a point in the cooling system, where heat is dissipated to the atmosphere through evaporation. Cooling towers are commonly used in most industries and commercial establishments to release excess heat from the process…
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Compressed Air & Process Filter at Filter Concept

Posted on : 21 Apr, 2021   |   Category : industrial Filters
Industrial Filters are the most crucial part of any industry. They are widely employed and are used at every stage of manufacturing for cleaning, separation, and purification. These filters also help in removing unwanted impurities from the raw materials. Proper filtration equipment helps in increasing efficiency, reducing process downtime, and…
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