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Filter Ratings

Posted on : 01 Sep, 2017   |   Category : industrial
A filter can be defined as the medium through which we are able to separate solid particles of various sizes from the fluid. Here the fluid is made to pass through the filter. Depending on the type of filter, the latter allows the fluid to flow but pose a hindrance…
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Surface and Depth Filtration

Posted on : 21 Aug, 2017   |   Category : industrial
Of all the various methods of purification, surface and depth filtration forms a basic type of filtration procedure. Let us discuss both of them in a little detail. Surface Filtration- As the name depicts, surface filtration is concerned with retention of particles mostly on the surface itself. The particles retained…
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Chemical Compatibility In Filters

Posted on : 12 Jul, 2017   |   Category : industrial
The term Chemical Compatibility refers to the harmonious corelation between two substances while coming in contact with each other. It is measured by considering the stability of a substance when mixed with the other. While mixing, if the elements do not show any change then they are held as compatible,…
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Suspended Solid Load

Posted on : 19 May, 2017   |   Category : industrial
While talking about filtration there are 2 varieties of impurities we normally come across: • Total Suspended Solid Load • Total Dissolve Solid Load What is Total Suspended Solid Load? Particles which are in suspense form are referred to as Total Suspended Solids (TSS). What is Total Dissolve Solid Load?…
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Working / Operating Pressure

Posted on : 20 Mar, 2017   |   Category : industrial
© - Copyrights By Ms.Meghana Upadhyay - General Manager - Filter Concept Pvt. Ltd Definition- What does Operating Pressure means? Operating pressure is the pressure at the exact operating point which is used to specify normal operation for the valves, actuators and rest devices. It’s also called as the system…
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