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Can Nominal rating be enough to go for the right filter element choice?

Posted on : 05 Jan, 2018   |   Category : industrial
Hydraulic system works essentially on Hydraulic fluid. It is therefore necessary that the hydraulic liquid provided be of the quality that can sustain for years together. How do you get a sustainable hydraulic fluid? The foremost plan of action is the filtration technique.  A high quality filtration process benefits the…
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Bubble Point Test

Posted on : 06 Dec, 2017   |   Category : industrial
One of the best ways to test the non-destructive integrity test is the bubble point test. Under this process, the fluid is held in the pores of the filter by capillary forces and surface tension. The Nature of Bubble Point Test Practically all that is done is the most significant…
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Visit Filter Concept at IKTVA

Posted on : 04 Dec, 2017   |   Category : industrial
About IKTVA The In Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) Program is the brain child of Saudi Aramco. It is designed to generate value in each phase of business, utilizing long-term financial development and branching out to get a wider reach. IKTVA has been launched to drive added local value creation…
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Filter Permeability

Posted on : 30 Nov, 2017   |   Category : industrial
Filter permeability is a significant term used to measure the endothelial permeability to fluid. There exist permeable sheath in the walls of the filter that allows the fluid (oil, fuel, water) to get in and out. Amongst the numerous methods of measuring micro vascular permeability to fluids infiltration, filter permeability…
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Beta Ratio

Posted on : 22 Nov, 2017   |   Category : industrial
In the world of filters and filtration, Beta Ratio plays an important role. There have been complaints of breakdowns in hydraulic systems mainly due to the improper Beta Ratio and high levels of substantial contamination. Beta Ratio brings in the effectiveness of the hydraulic system. It aids in the prevention…
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